I am one of four girls but don’t worry, my dad was surrounded by a household of tomboys. We’ve always loved to eat and I attribute my love for food to my Dad, grandma, and their adventurous eating habits and incredible skills in the kitchen. My grandma had an incredible garden and I grew up eating farm to table food every summer before it became the fad that it is today.  

Growing up playing sports and later playing collegiate volleyball at the University of Florida (Go Gators!) I was always able to eat pretty much whatever I wanted (minus that freshman 25). As I got into my mid 20’s I realized what I was eating didn’t exactly make me feel great and I was also gaining weight like I never had before.


The realization that food could make me feel sick was a huge bummer as I love to eat and have always considered myself a foodie. I loved baking and most of my recipes or recipes from my favorite chefs were not focused on keeping calories low or healthy fats high (another bummer). I tried to dance this epiphany and still ate whatever I wanted within in reason (real smart I know). Then in 2015, I was diagnosed with endometriosis. I sought doctor after doctor and treatment after treatment to try and combat the effects of the disease and constantly hit dead ends. After MUCH research and trial and error I realized food was the one thing that really helped me manage my symptoms. 

This made me take a whole new approach to the way I ate and ultimately the way I cooked. I now try to follow an anti-inflammatory diet but am open to cheating occasionally when a meal looks worth it or when no gluten/dairy free options are available (sometimes you just gotta go for it).  

I’m sharing restaurants and workouts on this site to make it easier to stay on track and stick to normal workout routines and eating habits when traveling, while still enjoying some amazing spots in new cities. This was something I had always found challenging and would spend countless hours researching before my travels. If you feel that I have missed any great workout spots or restaurants please send them my way to consider!

This site is my passion project. I hope it serves you as a guide to healthier living and fun travels. I enjoy sharing tips I’ve learned along my journey and I hope that you find something helpful and insightful whether it’s a recipe, travel tip or just something that inspires you. Thank you for helping me live my dream and share my travels and journey with you!

Here’s to all of us living our dreams!