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Lemons, if they're not your skins best friend, here's why they should be!

I love, love, love lemons, and anything lemon flavored. I now have a whole new found love for lemons, for skin!  I had no idea the benefits of lemons for your skin until I had a facial a few years ago and the esthetician used fresh lemon juice on my face. At first it may tingle a little but trust me it’s worth it.  

Replace your astringent or toner with lemon for a week and notice how your skin will absolutely glow.

Benefits of lemon for your skin:

  • Shrinks pores 
  • Reduces black heads
  • Brighten skin
  • Kills germs (naturally antibacterial)
  • Reduces pigmentation 
  • Oil control
  • Exfoliating (the citric acid exfoliates the skin)
  • Aging (rich in vitamin C)

My favorite way to use lemon on my skin is to slice the lemon thinly (as pictured) and then sweep over your face like you would your toner pad. Let sit for 30 seconds and then dab off pulp and excess. Follow with your regular skin care routine or moisturizer.  

Whenever my skin is looking dull or needs a little pick me up, a coffee mask and lemons are my go-to’s. If I don’t have time for the mask, I simply use the lemon slices.