Rotisserie Chicken with Whisky BBQ Sauce

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Keeping with the theme of store-bought and entertaining, this just might be my most favorite "hack."  Follow the recipe for Whisky BBQ Sauce, set aside.  Purchase (yes, that's right, why do all the work when the grocery store makes an amazing one?!).  Remove skin from whole chicken, cut into pieces and begin to "pick" the chicken.  This is the glamorous (or not so glamorous) word for pulled chicken.  The beauty of this recipe is, you don't have to slow cook chicken for hours or wait for it to be ready in the crock pot, simply pick the chicken and follow the directions below.  You'll have insanely good pulled chicken in no time.  Top a bun with this and then add pickles and slaw, you won't be sorry!  Happy 4th and Summer food to you all!

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  • 1 whole rotisserie chicken (I prefer organic and found mine at Whole Foods)
  • 1 cup Homeade Whisky BBQ sauce
  • 1 cup chicken stock, or water

Once chicken is pulled, place in a large skillet.  Turn heat to medium low and add 2 cup BBQ sauce.   Bring to a gentle simmer and place lid on top.  Allow sauce to bubble and heat the chicken.  Once done, top on your favorite gluten free buns I used Udi's because I simply can't get enough of their products!

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Hope your 4th of July was/is relaxing and that you have a little less pressure on you now to make everything!  I promise people won't notice, and you'll keep your sanity!