Surprise! We're having a baby!


I’ve been waiting to post about this, maybe because life has been non-stop for quite some time, or maybe because it honestly still doesn’t feel quite real! Yes, the bump when I look down is definitely starting to make it seem a little more real, but I’d be lying if I said I have totally wrapped my mind around the fact that I’m going to be a mom!

I can’t quite put into words how blessed I feel. Ryan and I had pretty much come to terms with the fact that having a child may not be as easy as we would like, and that we may need to have some medical assistance in order to be successful at conceiving. If you’ve read my other post, then you know I had excision surgery fro endometriosis in October of 2017, my doctor told me after adhesion removal I should be able to get pregnant, but the only way to truly find out was to try, and that putting it off wouldn’t be doing myself any favors. So, no we weren’t told we couldn’t have kids, we just thought it would most likely be a different road to conceiving. After my surgery in October I went back on birth control until March to help with symptom management, but ultimately decided birth control simply did not work well with my body and I’d try and manage my pain through diet, exercise and listening to my body. I know this approach is not for everyone, but I’m so happy I chose to go this route because we ended up conceiving naturally and unexpectedly.

Kari and Ryan Anderson Maternity Announcement_Valorie Darling Photography-1373.jpg

I know we weren’t doing anything to prevent it, but it was still in shock given my journey with endo along with a heart shaped uterus and a septum (TMI?). About 6 weeks after we had gotten home from Italy, I still hadn’t gotten my period which I didn’t really think anything of because they hadn’t exactly been regular. But then I started feeling really tired, like really, really exhausted so I decided one morning to take a test while Ryan was out golfing. Sure enough, it was positive, “PREGNANT” I went ahead and opted for the one with words so there was no way I could misinterpret the lines. lol I quickly ran to the store to get some balloons so I could surprise Ryan when he walked upstairs from golf. Let me just tell you, the look on his face was utter SHOCK. In fact his response was, but how? Instead of opting for the birds and the bees talk and painting a little timeline for him, I just said, I don’t know, we got lucky.

Kari and Ryan Anderson Maternity Announcement_Valorie Darling Photography-1477.jpg

That’s exactly how I feel, lucky, blessed, a little terrified that we are going to be responsible for raising a good human being to put out into the world in this crazy age of video games, social media, judgement and comparison, but ultimately just beyond blessed and happy! We are already getting so close, and I can’t wait to meet our little blessing this Spring! Stay tuned for a post on all the fun things I’ve learned while being pregnant that no one told me ;).